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[sticky post] Master List

Here is a Master List of my Stories. Will Update as best as possible.

*Super Junior*
SHinee Cafe
( SHinee Cafe: Prologue )( SHinee Cafe: KangTeuk )( SHinee Cafe: HanChul )( SHinee Cafe: YeWook )( SHinee Cafe: KyuMin )( SHinee Cafe: EunHae )( SHinee Cafe: SiBum )( SHinee Cafe: Shindong and Nari )( SHinee Cafe: Zhou Mi and Henry Visit )( SHinee Cafe: DBSK Visits ) ^Completed^
SHinee Cafe 2

Super Junior Gangs

( Chapter One )( Chapter Two )( Chapter Three )( Chapter Four )( Chapter Five )( Chapter Six )( Chapter Seven )( Chapter Eight )( Chapter Nine )( Chapter Ten )( Chapter Eleven )( Chapter Twelve )( Chapter Thirteen )( Chapter Fourteen )( Chapter Fifteen )( Chapter Sixteen )( Chapter Seventeen )( Chapter Eighteen )( Chapter Nineteen )( Chapter Twenty )( Chapter Twenty One )( Chapter Twenty Two )( Chapter Twenty Three )( Chapter Twenty Four )( Chapter Twenty Five )( Chapter Twenty Six )( Chapter Twenty Seven )( Chapter Twenty Eight )( Chapter Twenty Nine )( Chapter Thirty )( Chapter Thirty One )( Chapter Thirty Two )( Chapter Thirty Three )( Chapter Thirty Four )( Chapter Thirty Five )( Chapter Thirty Six )( Chapter Thirty Seven )( Chapter Thirty Eight )( Chapter Thirty Nine )( Chapter Forty )( Chapter Forty One )( Chapter Forty Two )( Chapter Forty Three )( Chapter Forty Four )( Chapter Forty Five )( Chapter Forty Six )( Chapter Forty Seven )( Chapter Forty Eight )( Chapter Forty Nine )( Chapter Fifty )( Chapter Fifty One )( Chapter Fifty Two )( Chapter Fifty Three )( Chapter Fifty Four )( Chapter Fifty Five )( Chapter Fifty Six )( Chapter Fifty Seven )( Chapter Fifty Eight )( Chapter Fifty Nine )( Chapter Sixty )




Latest Month

July 2016

Thoughts While Standing on the Bridge

A river that splutters along may be one that is brimming with hope.
I cross the bridge that spanned over it.
When I was a child riding my bike around town, I believed that the further I went, the more grown-up I become.
I've grown-up. I've turned into an adult.
I've walked so far, but I still haven't gone anywhere.
I want to remember that.
I want to remember how I crossed that bridge that day and how I got here.
When you remember what you'd forgotten, I expect I'll be your guidepost.
~Boy Who Crossed The Bridge

Self-respect inside your faltering heart.
Your self-respect is just wearing clothes known as pride, hiding its true colors.
Someday you'll take off that uncomfortable coat.
Water in your heart will start overflowing like it has broken through a dam.
No matter how dirty the water may have been, as it flows on, it will become clear, beautiful water.
It will probably become a great river that can take on the overflowing emotions of young people.
~Boy Who Crossed The River
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