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Super Junior Gangs

Title: Super Junior Gangs
Author: littlerose2888
Pairing: KangTeuk, HanChul, YeWook, EunHae, KyuMin, others as story continues...
Rating: PG-13 to R
Summary: They were the most bitter gangs in all South Korea. T and M, and it was Detective Jongwoon's job to catch them. But with a new partner like Kibum and growing attachment to one of the gang members, will he be able to take down the two underground powerhouses?
AN: A new story, a little dark but give it time. Please comment
As Eunhyuk stared at his phone he wasn’t sure if he should be concerned or endeared by what he was seeing. Somehow Donghae had gotten his phone number and had sent him a text message. The message was a simple one, just asking the man if they could meet up in the next couple of days. And typically that was something that wouldn’t bother him. It was the fact that he had no idea how Donghae even gotten his phone number. He knew he never gave it to the leader of M, and he was fairly certain no one else in his gang would do it either. Heechul would probably blow their head off if they did. So the only way he would have been able to get the number is by hacking his phone. And seeing as the gang had Cho Kyuhyun, who was as brilliant of a hacker as he is a snarky brat, it wasn’t so far out there to realize what had happened. Which led to his concern. If Kyuhyun was able to get into their system to get his phone number, what else could the young hacker get his hands on. Right now the gangs had a truce as they dealt with EXO, but it was a lofty one. And once everything was concluded would their gang be under risk for an attack if the man was able to do some internal damage? It was a scary thought. The right thing for Eunhyuk to do would be telling his leader about this so they could put some firewalls up or at least challenge Donghae on it. But this was where he faltered.
He was rather flattered by the effort Donghae was showing to get his attention. It was not often that he was pursued so dedicatedly by someone and he was rather liking the attention. There was obvious a spark between the two and the fact that Donghae was working so hard towards it, even if it meant the rest of the gang never finds out about it, was sweet. And smart, seeing as Leeteuk and Heechul were still wary of the man. And he liked the idea of seeing Donghae outside of the gang as well. There was something that made his become more and more worth the risk. As Eunhyuk considered his opinions he fiddled with the phone in his hands. The real question was not if he should tell Leeteuk or Heechul about this. The real question was should he go and meet Donghae. And as he tried to argue the cons of what a meeting who entail the answer was really apparent to him.
He wanted to go.
He wanted to go so bad to Donghae.
And that alone terrified him. But excited him as well. Turning he went to his mirror to take a good look at himself. He wasn’t one to be confident with his looks. Living on the streets, eating what little scraps he could find was not good for one's self-confidence. And even after Leeteuk took him in and gave him a home and a family he never thought of himself anything more than just Eunhyuk. So he always wondered what Donghae was beginning to see in him. All he saw was a lanky guy with a ugly smile and small eyes. Not something that would match well with Donghae's obvious good looks. He almost felt like the man could do better, probably has done better. And the pessimistic side of him thought that perhaps Donghae's attraction had to do more with Eunhyuk's rank in the gang that his outer appearance. That thought made him bite his lip. Wrapping an arm around himself he was starting to have doubts of everything. He needed a second opinion.
With this in mind he quickly left his room to find a fellow gang member their opinion. Luckily, or unluckily depending on who is asking, the first person he found was Shindong. The man was coming back from a job and was just making his way to his own room. Eunhyuk cut him off in the hallway and asked his question.
"Hyung do you find me attractive?"
Shindong eyes widened in shock. He then ran a hand along the back of his neck.
"No offense Eunhyuk, but I am probably the only straight person in our entire Inner Circle."
"I don’t know about that. Leader-shi has a picture of a really pretty woman on his desk whose name is Sora. So he must also be the same."
"I am not even going to touch that one." He muttered but waved off Eunhyuk's confused look. "Why are you asking me if I think you are attractive?"
"Oh…no real reason." Eunhyuk tried to evade but Shindong obviously saw through the lie.
"Right, I am just going to pretend this doesn’t have to do with M for both our sakes. But as a person who is not gay. Yes you are attractive in your own way."
"My own way?"
"Seriously Eunhyuk please don’t make me go into detail."
Eunhyuk realized how absolutely uncomfortable the man was about all of this and decided the first opinion could always use a second opinion. So he thought he should find another person.
"I'm sorry hyung. I did not mean to make this so awkward. I will try to ask someone else."
"You do that."
Eunhyuk watched as Shindong made his way much quicker towards his room. Feeling bad, but still wanting answers he took off towards the room where he will always get an honest opinion. Walking to the door he knocked confidently and it wasn’t until the voice called from within that he realized his mistake.
He opened the door and stepped into the room.
"Eunhyuk, how may I help you?"
"Sorry to bother you Leader-shi. I wanted to ask a simple question."
"Of course. What's on your mind?"
Eunhyuk had to think hard in how to word this. He just had a whole debate about not telling his leader about Donghae's actions and now he was going to ask the man something that was easily related to him. Why hadn't he gone off to talk to Sungmin about this?
"Sorry Leader-shi, I was gathering my thoughts. So my question is rather easy but I want a honest answer."
"Go ahead."
"Do you find me attractive?" He asked and waited with baited breath for his leader to question him why.
"Well of course I do. You are a very good looking person."
"I-ah what?"
"You seemed surprised. Do you really think so little of yourself? Eunhyuk, no Hyukjae, of course you are good looking. You have a beauty that not many have and you have charms that make you rather endearing to everyone here. I would be surprised if anyone found you unattractive."
"May Shindong. He seemed rather uncomfortable that I asked him."
"Oh man I wish I could see that. You asked the one straight man if you were good looking? That would have been entertaining."
Eunhyuk found his lips twitch into a smile.
"Good, now was that all you needed?"
"Yes, sorry to bother you."
"Not at all."
Eunhyuk turned to leave when Leeteuk spoke again.
"Now I hate to address the elephant in the room. But do I want to know the reason for your question?"
"I figured not. Well, be smart Eunhyuk, there is still a lot to do before our big mess is over. Make sure you think everything over before you act."
"Yes Leader-shi."
Eunhyuk quickly left the room. Once he was on the other side he released the breath he was holding. That conversation went a lot better than he would have thought. Even though his leader was able to pick up why he wanted to know at least he was kind enough not to push it. Eunhyuk pulled out his phone. He knew what he was going to say now.
'Where would you like to meet?'
Not even ten minutes later there was a response.
'The usual spot we have been making. I will see you tonight.'
Eunhyuk had to bite him lip to keep from grinning. It looked like he had a date with the leader of M to get ready for. With a little bounce in his step he made his way back to his room. He had plenty of time before he needed to head to the park but he wanted to look perfect. Making his way inside he went through his clothes to find the best outfit. A small tune began to escape his mouth happily. He picked a pair of black leather pants and a dark red button up shirt. He laid out the clothes on the bed and took a good look at them. Pleased with what he saw he grabbed his basket of shower items and left the room. The tune became a whistle as he walked down the hallway towards the shower. The gang had a few showers but they were broken in up depending on the gang member's rank. Leeteuk had his own shower and there were two showers that the rest of the Inner Circle members shared. Eunhyuk entered into one of them and went directly in the shower. He wasn’t the type to take long showers, he always felt like he was wasting valuable time by just standing under the water doing nothing. But that also might have to do with the fact that Heechul was known to use a lot of hot water and there was normally not a lot left for the rest of the members.
Once he was properly clean he got out of the shower and wrapped a towel around his hips. He stood in front of the bathroom mirror and looked at his reflection. For some reason he had a little more confidence in his looks after talking to the leader. He closely examined his face for any blemishes and tugged a little at his wet hair strands of hair. With a grin he shook the water out of his hair and watched it splatter all over the mirror. A childish giggle escaped his lips at the sight.
"Do I want to know why you are acting like a little kid right now?" An amused voice asked behind him.
Jumping he turned to see Sungmin watching him with a smirk on his face.
"Hyung! You surprised me!"
"Yeah well, pay better attention to your surroundings. Again, what are you doing Hyukjae?"
"Sorry, I guess having a little fun."
"You going out tonight?"
"Something like that." He replied with a grin.
Sungmin raised an eyebrow but didn’t comment. He merely handed a second towel to the successor so the man could clean his mess. A sheepish Eunhyuk whipped down the mirror so there were no drops. When he finished he put the towel to his head to rub the water out of his hair as well. Sungmin shook his head at the cheesy smile that was on the other's face. Stepping around him he washed his hands in the sink.
"Well I hope you have fun on your little outing." He said as he waved goodbye to the other.
Eunhyuk smiled as he gather his shower items and headed back to his room. Walking inside he put all of his stuff away. He was a clean freak like that. Everything had a place in his room and he hated when things were out of place. Once he was done he threw his dirty towels in the hamper and began to get dress. The tune was becoming a wordless song in his excitement. It didn’t take long for the man to dress in his outfit of choice and spend some time working on styling his hair. Once he was done he glanced at the table by the mirror. Eunhyuk wasn’t normally the type to wear makeup but he did have some basic items at his disposal. A few years back Leeteuk had him learn how to wear like make up. When the man questioned the action the leader explained how a person looks can affect the deals they were working on. Heechul was the example he used. Since the man was beautiful that he was able to coax people in thinking he was harmless before they realized that it was the famed Silver Gunman in front of them. So Eunhyuk was trained on the basic of makeup tutorials.
He looked at himself in the mirror and then back to his makeup. Deciding that he wanted to look his best for Donghae he grabbed the small back where the makeup lied. He opened the back and took out a few things. With calm hands he gently put on some eyeliner and shadow to make his eyes pop out a little bit. It was a simple thing but it gave him a more mysterious look to his face. When he was done he looked himself over and grinned in approval. He looked good, he had to admit that to himself. Looking at his cellphone he saw it was almost time for his meeting with Donghae. Grabbing a jacket he slipped his gun and knife in his pockets and made his way out. He was almost singing now.
He made it to the door leading outside when he ran into the one member he was hoping to avoid. Heechul looked like he was coming back from a boring job and only took him a second to notice Eunhyuk's look. His eyes narrowed.
"Where do you think you are going?" He asked suspiciously.
"I am just going out Heechul-hyung." Eunhyuk replied softly. "I won't be out all night."
"But where? And with who? You never take this much of an effort on your looks."
"Is it really too much?" He asked a little self-conscious that he looked bad, or like he was trying too hard.
"No you look really good, which makes me want to know why. Who are you meeting up with?"
Eunhyuk tried to think of a plausible lie to tell his partner but before he could someone saved him.
"Heechul." Kangin called out as he approached the pair.
"What do you want raccoon?"
"I want nothing with you. Leeteuk sent me to find you. He wants to talk to you."
"About what? Tell him I'm busy."
"I am his number two, not a fucking secretary. Just come with me."
"Fine!" Heechul growled as he stomped away. He got a few steps before turning back to Eunhyuk.
"We are not done here. I will talk to you later."
"Yes hyung." Eunhyuk whispered as the man angrily made his way towards Leeteuk's room. The pair watched him before Kangin turned to him.
"Leeteuk wanted me to deliver a message to you." The man began with a soft voice. "Be careful tonight. Leeteuk trust you completely and knows you are not going to do anything stupid but he wants me to remind you that Donghae is still an enemy in his own way. So watch yourself."
"Leader-shi knows I am meeting with M's leader and is okay with it?"
"Okay is pushing it. But he knows that telling you not to see him will only cause unnecessary problems. And besides, Heechul is obviously sleeping with that Chinese man in their gang so telling you that you can't see Donghae is a little hypocritical."
"I understand." Eunhyuk said with a smile. The gang was not happy but they weren't going to get in the way either. It was hard to keep his emotions in check. He was more excited to see Donghae now than ever.
"You better get going. And if anything happens let us know right away. We will be there in a heartbeat for you." "Thank you hyung." Eunhyuk said as he turned and bolted out of the gang's home.
It only took a little bit of time to get to the park that Donghae and him have met at before. The night was young, but late enough that there was no one out to see them. He went towards the bench that the pair had been at the last two times and was not surprised to see Donghae waiting for him. Eunhyuk paused in his steps to take a good look at the other. There was a street light nearby so Eunhyuk was able to appreciate the man's outfit. He wore a pair of black pants that had rips along the front and a black tee-shirt. There was a red flannel shirt tied around his waist and a black jacket over his shoulders. He was staring out at the river with a calm and gentle look on his face. If it wasn’t for the fact the pair were in opposite gangs Eunhyuk could easily see him with Donghae for the rest of his life. And that thought scared and excited him at the same time. Donghae seem to sense that someone was staring at him because he turned from the river to look directly at Eunhyuk. A small but sweet smile appeared on his lips when he saw the man and it made his heart race. It was obvious that Donghae was a good looking man and the fact his attention was on Eunhyuk made the man happy.
Eunhyuk couldn’t help himself. Between the conversations with his gang members and the fact Donghae was here in front of him he could not help the excitement that flowed in his body. He found himself rushing and leaping at Donghae to wrap his arms around the man. Donghae gave a surprised gasp as he found his arms filled with a happy Eunhyuk. Eunhyuk smiled up at the surprised man and Donghae easily returned it.
"Why hello there. That was quite the greeting."
"Sorry, I am just really happy to see you." Eunhyuk felt suddenly shy. "Are you happy to see me?"
Donghae replied by dipping his head down and kissing Eunhyuk on the lips. The two have kissed before, but this one was different from the kisses at Yunho's party. Those were intense, these were more gentle. And they spoke more volume than the others did. They made Eunhyuk's legs feel like they had no strength in them and he had to hold tightly onto the other man to keep from falling. When Donghae pulled back Eunhyuk felt out of breath and dizzy and it was the greatest feeling ever.
"Does that answer your question?"
"Yes." He whispered breathlessly. A smile appeared on his lips.
The two stood there staring at each other with silly grins on their faces for a good few minutes. Finally Donghae pulled back to lead the man to the park bench they usually sat at. The pair sat together on the bench and Eunhyuk pressed himself close to the other. Donghae didn’t seem to mind the suddenly cuddly man and happily wrapped his arms around him. They sat there silently and listened to each other's heartbeats in their chest. But Donghae decided to break the silence first.
"Not that I am unhappy with the change of pace but what is this all about. Last time you saw me you were trying your hardest to keep your distance, what has changed?"
"A lot. But I guess the short answer is, my leader has given me a small stamp of approval of all of this."
"Leeteuk is okay with you here with me?" Donghae asked bewildered. Not that Eunhyuk could blame him.
"Okay is pushing it." He repeated Kangin's words from earlier. "I think it's more, he trust me to make the right decisions when I need to and will not interfere with us."
Donghae was silent for a minute before he spoke his thoughts.
"Well I was not expecting this. Leeteuk seemed to want to keep you bottled up inside your home the last time we were talking. I wonder what changed his mind?"
Eunhyuk was tempted to reveal what he found out about Heechul but held it in. Just because Leeteuk knew and seemed okay with his gunman's actions with the Chinese man does not mean that Donghae knew about his number two's actions. And he did not want to be the one to tell him. So instead he shrugged his shoulders. Donghae looked like he wanted to question it but before he could a drop of water came from out of nowhere and landed on his nose. Eunhyuk bit his lip as Donghae's face scrunched up rather cutely from the sudden attack before some more began to fall on them. The pair looked up and realized it was starting to rain. Donghae jumped to his feet and pulled the other with him.
"Quick we better find some shelter."
As soon as he said this the sky seemed to decide to open up on the and the rain came down much harder. The two began to laugh giddily as they ran down the pathway to look for a place to get out of the rain. It was Eunhyuk who saw the empty bus stop that had a cover and pointed it out to him. They ran at full speed and got underneath the enclosed area breathlessly. The pair had their hands on their knees as they tried to catch their breaths from the sudden run. Once they looked at each other they both seem to break up into a childish giggle.
"You look soaked." Donghae said with a laugh.
"You too." Eunhyuk replied happily.
Donghae laughed again and pulled him to him. The pair easily wrapped their arms around each other as they glanced out at the rain which was coming harder down.
"Well it looks like we will be stuck here for a while." He said as he looked back at him.
"That's okay." Eunhyuk snuggled up to Donghae again. "I don’t mind."
Donghae smiled at this and began to gently sway the two back and forth. He started to hum a tune softly to their impromptu dance and Eunhyuk relaxed into his hold. This wasn’t what he was expecting when he had decided to meet up with Donghae but he was happy with the results. He knew that he needed to still be careful around the man, and there was the question about how Donghae was able to get his phone number but right now he just wanted to enjoy this moment. He wanted nothing to take away his time from Donghae. If time would just freeze on them right here he would be happy.
"Hey Eunhyuk." Donghae began and before Eunhyuk could stop himself he interrupted him.
"I'm sorry?" Donghae seemed confused.
Eunhyuk pulled back and look at him with serious eyes.
"My name, my real name, is Hyukjae…" He said with a soft voice. "Lee Hyukjae."
"Hyukjae." Donghae repeated back and Hyukjae felt his body shiver from the way his name sounded on the man's lips. He liked it. "Hyukjae, there is a part of me that wants to steal you away and run away from here."
"That sounds like a bad idea. Our gangs need up."
"I know, and I would never abandon them. As you would never do either. But right here, right now, my heart screams at me to do just that. If it meant you and I could be together."
Hyukjae looked at him in surprise. He scanned his face for any lie but was even more shocked that the man was speaking honestly to him. It made him flush but a smile appeared on his face. Pressing himself closer he kissed Donghae passionately, expressing himself better in actions than words. Yes, he could never abandon his gang, especially now. But the idea of running away with Donghae and being together made his heart race more than anything else in the world. As he felt Donghae's hands began to dance on his body he thought that nothing could take this happiness away from them. This was their moment, for now and forever.



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