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Super Junior Gangs

Title: Super Junior Gangs
Author: littlerose2888
Pairing: KangTeuk, HanChul, YeWook, EunHae, KyuMin, others as story continues...
Rating: PG-13 to R
Summary: They were the most bitter gangs in all South Korea. T and M, and it was Detective Jongwoon's job to catch them. But with a new partner like Kibum and growing attachment to one of the gang members, will he be able to take down the two underground powerhouses?
AN: A new story, a little dark but give it time. Please comment
It was only the middle of the day and there were plenty of people about enjoying the surroundings but that didn’t seem to stop her from running. Running in fear from what she just saw. Her heart was rapidly beating in her chest and her lungs and muscles were burning in pain but she didn’t slow down. She had to move, and move fast to get as far away as possible from her home. Away from the horror that she had come accidently across. Her eyes were beginning to water as the image cross her mind.
Kang Sora had just come home from spending lunch with some friends that were in the area. She was happily texting to them on her phone that she had arrived home safely as she also fiddled with the keys to the door. Distracted as she was from her phone she didn’t notice right away something was wrong with the place until she was well inside. Sensing something out of place she looked up from the phone and looked into the living room. Her eyes widened in shock and a scream was threatening to spill from her lips. There lying on the ground in a pool of his own blood was her father. The man was face down and thankfully looking away from her but it didn’t change the fact that the man was clearly dead. Standing above his body was a man she had never seen before. He was obviously a few years younger than her and looked Chinese. He had turned his gaze towards her and Sora saw that there was an emotionless evil on his face. The two stared at each other for a good minute before he started to raise his gun towards her. Sora acted on instinct and threw her purse at him. When the man raised an arm to defend himself from the object she turn and ran straight out of her house. She had just gotten through the threshold when a bullet hit the door frame just behind her head. Without looking back or stopping she ran into the busy streets outside of her home and disappeared into the crowd.
That seemed like forever ago but she still did not slow down her pace. Her father, her dear and sweet father was dead. Killed by a man that she had no clue of for a reason she had no idea of. And now he was probably going to come after her. Terrified of this she ran down a street as she tried to think. But it was hard. Her mind was all over the place and she knew she needed to calm down but her mind was not cooperating. Unfortunately her body was finally starting to slow down on her and she had to stop to catch her breath. She stopped and leaned against a wall as her heart and lungs screamed out at her, but for different reasons. She felt her eyes burn as tears began to slowly fall down. Her father was not an innocent man, this she knew. He has had many dealings with the underworld and had probably hundreds of enemies because of it. But the fact that someone had killed him, and in their own home was still something she could not understand. She wondered what the man did that had brought such a horrid fate to him. And she wondered if that man knew who she was and would soon be coming after her.
Lost in her thoughts she did not realize somehow was approaching her. Her body jumped and her heart leapt into her throat as the person grabbed her harshly on the arms and dragged her into a nearby alleyway. The first instinct was to fight the person which she began to do so. The man from the house must have caught up with her and was planning on killing her. This caused her to begin to fight more frantically.
"Sora! Sora calm down! It's me!" The would be assailant yelled at her fearful mind.
Sora stopped in her actions as she had recognized that voice. Opening her eyes she saw a man a few years her senior standing in front of her. Of course she knew this person, her father was just speaking with him not too long ago. She had even told Leeteuk about him being here.
"Moon-shi!" She gasped out.
"Sora." Moon HeeJun replied calmly and released her arm. "What on earth is going on. I was just leaving a restaurant with an associate when I saw you come rushing down the street. Are you okay?"
The fact that she knew this man and knew how dangerous he was did nothing to stop the tears from coming. She cover her face and began to weep as she revealed what had happened.
"Oh Moon! My father! My father is dead!"
"What?" Moon hissed out. "When?"
"Today. I just came home from lunch and found his body on the floor. The man who killed him was standing over him. I don’t know who he was, I just saw my father dead body and ran."
"Are you being followed?" He asked as he turned to look out the alleyway.
"I don’t know. I didn’t look back." Sora revealed as she felt her heart and lungs finally start to calm down. Pulling her eyes away from Moon she noticed a second person was with them. The man said nothing as he kept guard watching the passing crowds. A hand was inside his coat pocket, presumably holding onto a gun. Moon noticed her gaze and turned.
"Sorry, this is Tony Ah. He is with me, don’t worry." He explained.
Sora nodded in understanding. That name sounded familiar. Her mind was too scrambled with everything to even begin to think where she had heard it before. Instead of trying to figure it out she looked back to Moon. The man was observing her closely before sighing.
"You are obviously not safe on your own. Is there anyone you can contact to keep you safe?"
"Leeteuk." The name rolled off her lips easily enough. Now that she was not afraid of an imminent death, it was easier to think.
"You are in contact with some from T? The leader none the less?" Moon asked surprise.
"Yes he is a friend. I have known him for years."
"Contact him right now." Moon ordered. "I have a feeling I know what's going on."
She nodded, confused but willing to do what she was told. Luckily she never dropped her phone in her rush to get away from the home. Stepping away from the man she turned to pull the man's number up on her phone. As she waited for him to answer her heart began to race for a whole different reason. It only took three rings before a familiar voice answer.
"Sora! How is my baby princess?" Leeteuk cheerful voice brought a sad smile to her lips.
"Oppa." She began and her voice cracked from the single word. Right away Leeteuk picked up on it.
"Sora? What's the matter? Are you okay?"
"Oppa, my dad is dead. Someone killed him." She told him as tears began to fall a third time.
"What!" She could hear him jumping to his feet. "Who killed him?"
"I don’t know. I didn’t recognize him."
"Recognize him… Oh my god! Did you see it?"
"No, I came in after the fact, but the man who killed him saw me. I need a place to stay. Oppa please help me."
"Where are you?" He demanded and she could pick up on him calling out to someone to bring a car to him.
"I am…" She paused and looked around. In her haste to get away she had no idea where she was. She turned to where Moon was standing. He seemed to pick up her unspoken question.
"We are outside the Jumping Bunny bookstore." He supplied to her.
She repeated it to Leeteuk.
"Who was that? Who are you with?"
"Moon HeeJun." She replied.
There was a sudden draw of breath over the phone.
"Why the hell are you with him?" Leeteuk almost screeched. If it wasn’t for the situation Sora probably would have laughed at the high pitch sound.
"He found me when I was running away. He is helping me Oppa."
"I am on my way I will be there shortly. Don’t move." Leeteuk ordered and abruptly hung up the phone.
Sora looked down at the ended call and sighed. She was happy that Leeteuk was on his way but also felt bad. The man had a lot going on, she didn’t want to be a burden to him. Taking a deep breath she steady her shoulders and turned back to where Moon stood.
"He is on is way."
"Good. Leeteuk is a smart man, he will keep you safe." Moon looked at her and smiled kindly. If it wasn’t for the fact that this man was a part of the legendary H.O.T gang she probably would have returned it. But there was a still an underlying fear she had towards this man, even though he was helping her at the moment. She instead asked the question on her mind.
"Moon-shi, do you know who killed my father?"
"I may have an idea." He admitted to her. "But I hate repeating myself, so let's wait until your knight arrives."
"Leeteuk is not my knight." She argued with a blush on her face.
"Of course he is, why else would you be his 'baby princess'?" He teased to her.
Her eyes widen in surprise. She hadn't realize he was listening to her call. Or how good his ears were. A new blush appeared on her face.
"It’s a silly nickname he made for me years ago. It means nothing." She argued.
"It certainly means something. You are important to him."
"I am a friend who has known him for years. That’s all." She turned away. "Leeteuk doesn’t hold any extra feelings towards me."
Moon seemed to not believer her but didn’t argue the point for which she was grateful for. The two stood in silence as they waited for Leeteuk to arrive. In good time a black car pulled up to where they were. Tony tightened his grip on his hidden gun but a shook head from Moon caused him to relax. The door to the car opened and a worried Leeteuk jumped out. There was fear in his eyes as he stepped into the alleyway and frantically searched for Sora. He paused long enough to notice who was there and bowed respectfully to the two men. His eyes lingered on them for a moment before he rushed to Sora. She barely had a moment to speak when she was suddenly pulled into his arms.
"Thank god you are okay. My heart would not stop racing the entire way here." He shakily spoke into her hair as he hugged her tightly.
"Im sorry I worried you Oppa. But I am okay." She tried to reassure him. But his body shook and she could feel a few tears land in her hair.
"I was so scared something happened to you. I don’t know what I would do if something happened to you." He confessed.
"Leeteuk?" She whispered to him.
Leeteuk took another shaky breath before seeming to compose himself. He pulled away and Sora noted his red eyes but the tight smile on his face as well.
"Sorry, my emotions got away from me. You are okay, that is what matters. Do you have any idea who was there? What he looked like?"
"I don’t but I think Moon does."
Leeteuk pulled further away to look where Moon stood. Sora noticed that Kangin was also with them and was standing nearby watching the pair with a pained look on his face as well. She was curious about it but it left her mind when she looked at Moon. Leeteuk spoke first.
"Moon-shi thank you for keeping her safe while I came here." The man began as he bowed respectfully again towards the H.O.T man.
"Leeteuk-shi. The fact that she has such a powerful person on her side relaxes me. Knowing you are going to keep her safe is good."
"I will. Do you know why her father was killed?"
"I have a suspicion. But before that. Sora-shi, what do you remember about your father's killer?"
"Not much. I know he was young and Chinese. And that he looked so bored with what he was doing."
"Anything else?"
She thought hard about it. It was obvious there was something he was looking for. She thought back to that quick moment for anything else that stood out. All she could think of was the insignia on his jacket when he turned to her.
"There was some sort of logo on his jacket. I don’t recognize it though, it was silver and looked like letters."
Next to her Leeteuk drew in a sharp breath. Moon seemed to nod towards his realization.
"Sora-shi. I think the man who killed your father was Kris from the gang EXO."
"EXO? Why do I know that name?" She thought hard about it. "I think I remember my father talking about them. Something about them being a rising gang."
"They are something we are working on taking out." Leeteuk spoke softly. There was a pained look on his face. "They are after the other gangs in the area. Oh Sora, he must have learned about your family connection to me. I am so sorry."
She shook her head and placed her hands on him.
"It's okay Oppa. My father had many enemies, this could have happened any time." She tried to reassure him. "But why did he do this now?"
"EXO is probably making a move now." Kangin replied from his spot. "Leeteuk, we don’t have much time."
"I know." Leeteuk replied. He looked to Sora. "First we need to get you back to our place. You look ready to fall on your feet."
"I feel like it." She agreed with a small smile.
Leeteuk nodded and led her towards Kangin. Kangin took the unspoken command and gently led her towards the car. She looked back at where Leeteuk stood staring at the two men before entering the car. Once the door closed she released a shaky breath. For the first time she finally felt safe. Being in this car, surrounded by the presence of Leeteuk made her feel like everything was going to be fine. She sat in the car for a few minutes and watched as Leeteuk spoke with the two men outside the car. Finally he gave a third respectful bow before entering the car himself. She scooted over to let him get it. Once he was seated he grabbed her arm and brought her to him. She landed with a little noise as she her head rested on his chest. His arms were around her again.
"Never scare me like this again. When you called I thought my heart stopped." He confessed again to her. She could only hug him in return, knowing that he just needed to get it out of his system. "God damn it. I thought we had more time. Kris will pay for this."
"Sorry. Listen when we get back to the base I will show you where the shower is. I don’t have much women clothes there but I think we will be able to find something for you that will fit. You will stay with me until we can get you some where safe."
"Are you going to send me away?" She asked sadly.
"I am sorry Sora, but my place is not the safest place for you right now. If Kris is really making a move it will not be long before he attacks us there. But I think I know someone who will keep you safe."
She nodded but didn’t answer. She knew what he said was true but she was hoping that they could be together. Leeteuk's arms held her the entire way back to the base and even though she was exhausted she was unable to fall asleep. When they arrived back Kangin open the door for them and the pair finally pulled a part.
"Come, let's get you inside." He said with his familiar dimple smile.
She nodded. As she stepped out she watched Leeteuk turn to Kangin.
"Call everyone to my office now. Tell them it's urgent."
"Okay." Kangin replied as he headed in first.
Leeteuk took her hand and led her into the gang's home. It was the first time she had ever been there and there was a sort of excitement rushing through her as she looked around. This was where Leeteuk lived. And even though they would never be anything more than dear friends it was nice to know this was where was all the time. They passed by a bunch of people who stopped and bowed at the leader and shot her a curious look but Leeteuk never stopped. He walked into his room and closed the door behind them. She looked around and couldn’t help but smile when she saw how everything was white. He smiled at her, seeming to realize what she was laughing at.
"The bathroom is in there." He said as he pointed to a second door. "Take your time I will find you something to wear."
She nodded and in a rather impulsive move she kissed him on the cheek. His surprised look was worth it as she smiled sweetly at him.
"Thank you oppa." She said as she went into the bathroom. She was rather impressed by the size of it as she closed the door and stripped down to use the shower.
The feeling of the warm water on her body was amazing and she felt some of her worries starting to drift away. As she showered she heard a knock on the door and Leeteuk's voice telling her there were clothes on the bed for her. He explained he was going to be in another room and when she was ready to join him. She called out her response and went back to washing her hair. When she was done with everything she stepped out into the steam filled bathroom. Wrapping a surprisingly fluffy white towel around her body she stepped cautiously into the room. Realizing she was in fact alone she went to the bed and noticed the pile of folded clothes there. They looked like they were Leeteuk's and that they were going to be rather big on her but she didn’t mind. In fact a blush was appearing on her face when she realized she was going to be wearing his clothes. She pulled on the large tee shirt and sweat pants and had to roll the legs up a few times so she could walk in them. She pulled her wet hair into a pony tail and took a quick look at herself in the mirror. Deeming herself appropriately looking she made her way out of the room. There was a man standing there waiting for her. She jumped in surprise.
"Sorry." The man said to her. "I was asked to show you where everyone is. Please follow me."
"Oh thank you…" She trailed off as she followed the man.
"My name is Jaesuk." The man replied with a shrug. He said nothing else as he brought her down the hallway to a pair of large doors. He knocked on them and a voice from inside beckoned the pair in.
Sora stepped into the room after the man and looked around. Jaesuk gave a small bow before closing the door and leaving her with everyone inside. There were only a handful of people there and she was quick to realize this was all of Leeteuk's closest members. The man was sitting at a desk and there was a chair pulled up next to it. When he saw her a dimple smile appeared on his face.
"Sora." He said gently. "You look much more relaxed now. Sorry about the outfit, they were the only clothes I had that I thought would fit."
"It's okay." She said quietly. The men were all staring at her. It wasn’t like they were staring inappropriately at her but just a mix of curiosity and suspicion. She felt herself wrapping an arm around herself shyly. Leeteuk seemed to notice it and stood up. He walked around the desk and gently took her arms.
"It's okay, I trust all of them with my life. You are safe here I promise." He whispered to her.
She nodded and allowed him to lead her into the room and to the chair next to his desk. She took a seat and looked around the room again. Leeteuk took control of the situation.
"This is Kang Sora. She is a very special friend of mine. Something happened today and she is going to stay here for protection."
He was suddenly interrupted when one of the members pointed to her in surprise.
"I know that name!" He said loudly. "You are that pretty girl he has a picture of on his desk."
She blinked in surprise and looked at the desk. Sure enough there was a framed picture of her on his desk smiling back at her. She felt a blush appear on her face but the smile was even stronger. It made her happy to see that. Next to her Leeteuk sighed and shook his head.
"Thank you for that observation Eunhyuk." He said with a look. "Would you like to add anything else to this?"
"Oh um, no. Sorry Leader-shi." The man answered sheepishly. Sora had to smile.
"Anyways, like I was saying. Sora will stay with us for now. But she is not safe here. EXO has made a move and I have a feeling they are going to openly attack us soon."
As he said this everyone in the room sat up straight in their seats. She realized that this was a very big gang they were dealing with. She kept the fear down as she began to play with her hands. Leeteuk noticed this and gently took one of them in his own. He offered her a smile before looking back at them.
"I have an idea how to keep her safe though. Eunhyuk, do you have your phone?"
Eunhyuk nodded and pulled out the devise.
"Call Junsu."
Everyone looked surprised at the command but Eunhyuk did as he was told. He put the phone on speaker and set it on the table. It only took a few rings before someone answer.
"Hello Monkey!" Someone answered cheerfully. Sora almost laughed at the nickname. But she politely held it in. "What are you calling for?"
"Junsu-shi, this is Leeteuk." Leeteuk replied instead. "I asked Eunhyuk to call you because I need to ask a favor."
"Wow, should I be getting Yunho for you?"
"Please. Sorry that I am using you as a messenger."
The man laughed a high pitch sound in reply.
"It's okay. It must be serious if you are asking for help. You tend to try to fix it on your own before turning to us."
"It's about EXO."
The cheerful voice became serious suddenly. Sora could feel the change even through the phone.
"I understand. Hold on a moment." There was a muffle conversation on the other side before a new voice came on.
"Leeteuk. Its Yunho. What is going on?"
"Yunho-shi, sorry to bother you but I need a favor. Kris has killed Kang Do. I have his daughter here with me and I need to get her safe. She is…she is someone who is very important to me." He said almost quietly.
Sora could feel the blush on her face again. The people in the room all look at her before turning back to the phone.
"If you are turning to me than you must think something is going to happen soon." There was a sigh. "What exactly is your request."
"I want to ask BoA to take her in out in Japan. She is probably the safest place right now."
Everyone seemed surprise including Sora. Of course she knew who BoA was. If he was asking this person for BoA than this must be the well know Jung Yunho from TVXQ. Everything was suddenly happening too fast for her. Leeteuk must really be concerned about this EXO gang. Everyone waited withheld breath for Yunho's reply.
"Normally I would tell you no, but this girl must really be important to you for you to ask such a thing. I will contact BoA and make sure it's okay before I answer, okay?"
"Thank you Yunho-shi. You know I would not make such a request lightly."
"That is the only reason I would be willing to help. I will call soon."
There was a click on the other side and the room was met with silence. Finally one of the men turned to her. Sora couldn’t help but notice how beautiful he was.
"Who the hell are you for Leeteuk to ask them for help." He asked.
"I told you, she is an important friend of mine." Leeteuk replied instead of her. He was rubbing the bridge of his nose. "I have known her for years. But that is not the point. Look there was another reason why I called you all in here. Sora is associated with Moon HeeJun and she ran into him today for help. And Tony was with him."
They all straightened up again. Leeteuk turned to her.
"You know Moon is the leader of H.O.T right? Well there were five members in his Inner Circle. Moon Heejun, Kangta, Woohyuk, Jaewon, and Tony. They make up the most powerful gang ever to be in the Asia world. We are here because of them basically. The fact that everyone has slowly been showing up in Seoul has cause for alarm. It might be the reason why Kris has acted now. Because if they are coming back then they must know something big. Kris' actions today were not by chance. He knew exactly who your father and who are. That is why you are in danger. Not only are you connected to me, you are connected to Moon. We have to get you out of the country. And no one is stupid enough to go after BoA, so you will be safe there."
"If she accepts you mean."
Before Leeteuk could answer that the phone in the middle of the room rang again. They all turned as Eunhyuk reached over to answer it. He placed it on speaker again.
"This is Leeteuk."
"Leeteuk, BoA says she will do it. I guess your special friend is also friends with someone else of importance." Yunho said and Sora realized he meant Moon. "She says she will be here in a week to get her, I assume you can keep her alive until then."
"Thank you Yunho."
"Well make sure to pay me back appropriately for this. I will see you at the airport in a week."
The phone hung up again and Sora took in a deep breath. Next to her Leeteuk released his and relaxed.
"Thank god she said yes. I don’t know what I would have done if she had not." He turned to her with a smile. "I guess you will stay with us for a week then."
Sora smiled at him. Even though her father was now dead and there was someone after her she felt a little better. Leeteuk always had this effect on her it seemed.
The week at Leeteuk's home was short and sweet. Sora almost wished she was able to spend longer time with him because she felt it was not enough. The pair never left the base but she was never bored. She spent all of her time with the man. He was a very kind host to her. They spent their days in his office just talking or playing chess or sometimes just reading books. The rest of the members were very nice to her and she felt so welcomed that when it was time for her to leave she was saddened. She felt like she was a part of this little family they seem to have.
The drive to the airport was a quiet one. There were only a few people in the car besides Sora and Leeteuk. In the front sat Kangin and across from the pair sat Heechul and Eunhyuk. She had learned in her short visit that Heechul one of the best gunman in the gang and Eunhyuk was Leeteuk's successor. After his little outburst during the meeting Eunhyuk seemed rather shy around her but she could tell he was a sweet person none the less. Leeteuk had gone out and purchased for her a pretty sundress and enough clothes to fill a small bag for her while she was away in Japan.
When they got to the airport they went over to the private jets area. There was a single jet on the runway and two cars waiting outside it. Sora noticed that there were a handful of people waiting for them next to the cars. Leeteuk took her hand for a second for encouragement before he stepped out of the car. Sora followed after.
"Yunho-shi." He greeted with a small bow and handshake.
"Leeteuk-shi." The man replied before looking to Sora. "So you are the one he is so determined to protect."
"My name is Kang Sora." She said with a bow. "Thank you for what you are doing."
"Well aren't you a polite one." The one woman in the area said with a smile.
BoA was as beautiful as Sora imagined her to be. She could not even imagine how someone so small and pretty was so powerful but she knew looks could be deceiving. BoA stepped towards her and took a good look at her. Sora felt like when passed some sort of text when the woman held out a hand.
"It's nice to meet you."
"Thank you for helping me."
"That is quite alright. Nowhere is safer than with me. Don’t worry, you will be safe. But in return I will need something from you."
"From me?"
"Yes, you will tell me what you know about Moon in return for keeping you away from danger."
Sora nodded her head. She supposed there was a tradeoff for this protection. But she didn’t mind too much. She would do all she could to help the woman out, since she knew it would help Leeteuk in return. With that in mind she turned to him.
"Oppa." She said with a sweet smile. Leeteuk held out his arms and she stepped into them. "Please be safe."
"That’s my line." Leeteuk replied back. "Don’t worry. Once we take out EXO I will be there in no time to take you back home. BoA is a good woman, you will be in good hands."
"I am going to miss you." She replied softly.
"Don’t worry, Baby Princess." He teased her. "Just think of it as a small vacation."
Sora laughed and jokingly hit him on the shoulder. They pulled away and Leeteuk kissed her on the forehead. She blushed at the contact but smiled. They stared at each other for another good minute, as if memorizing each other's faces before she turned back to BoA. The woman gave a nod to Leeteuk before she headed towards the jet. Sora followed after and walked up the steps. Before stepping inside she turned back to where Leeteuk stood and waved one final time before fully entering. Once she did two men closed the door. She turned and saw BoA was already sitting in a chair and gestured to the other one. Sora took a seat and her bag dropped to the ground at her feet. BoA looked out the window as the plane pulled away and Sora followed her gaze. Everyone was still there watching them go and she watched as Leeteuk approached Yunho and the pair started to talk.
"He must really love you to go as far as ask us for help." BoA said.
"Leeteuk. He is a man filled with pride. To turn to Yunho must have taken a lot. He obvious must love you then."
"Leeteuk doesn’t love me. Not like that. I am just a friend." Sora denied with a sad smile. "When I told him my father wanted us to marry he rejected me."
BoA shook her head.
"You obviously don’t see it then. The fact he went so far as to get you out of the country to keep you safe is proof how much he cares. But I won't push it. Get some rest, it’s a few hours until we reach Tokyo."
Sora watched as the other woman turned away from her. She went back to looking out the window as they made their assent to the air and had a small smile on her face. Perhaps Leeteuk did love her, but she knew they would never be together the want she would want. He was a very dangerous person and her life was opposite of his. But knowing he cared made her happy. It was enough, for now. All she had to do was stay alive so the two could see each other again in the future. She just hoped Leeteuk won this little war against EXO. For her, for her deceased father, and for Leeteuk.



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