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Prompt: Shorts

Title/Prompt: Shorts
Author: Rosetta Stone
Pairing: EunHae
Rating: G
Summary: Hyukjae thought he had these particular shorts hidden, that was until Donghae found them…
The shorts were old, small and ratty looking. A pair that has certainly seen better days and probably have been in Hyukjae's closet for years. They looked more like a pair a teenage girl would wear that a 26 year old man and there was speculations that he stole them from his older sister Sora. Though Hyukjae denies it, he also refuses to tell where the shorts really came from. So there was an even stronger belief that he went out and purchased them on his own. But whatever the case, the shorts were still there, stuffed deep inside Hyukjae's closet. The shorts would have probably stayed hidden from the light for his entire career if it wasn’t for one nosey kid who went by the name Lee Donghae. Donghae was the only person that Hyukjae had allowed to enter his room when he was not around and was use to coming back from his schedules to find the other man sprawled on his bed or making a mess of his CD collection.
But after these events even Donghae was close to being banned from his best friend's room.
The event started as they normally did when it involved EunHae.
Eunhyuk was out of the dorms doing a variety show appearance with Shindong and Sungmin. Donghae had no schedule at the time and was passing the time as he normally did when he was bored, by going through Hyukjae's closet. He had already done his usual amount of snooping in his drawers and music collection. Moving things around and mixing them up so bad that Hyukjae was going to be annoyed when he came home and realized he had to clean it all again. It was how they did things. It's what made them EunHae. But that's beside the point. As he was inside the closest moving some boxes around there was a sudden plop of something hitting the ground. Looking down Donghae was amused to see a pair of small blue ratted looking shorts. He has been in Hyukjae's closet a lot and also knew the man's wardrobe since he tended to steal his clothes, but for the life of him he never can remember a time he saw these shorts. Picking up the article of clothing he held them up to get a better look. They were clearly something that Hyukjae has owned for a long time. The elastic on the waist was loose and there was a hole on one of the sides. And as he felt them through his fingers he couldn’t help but admit that they were very soft. He wondered what they felt like on.
Donghae bit his lip at this. Now that he found them there was a part of him who wanted to spam the dancer's cell phone with messages asking about the shorts. But there was a stronger part of him who wanted to try on said shorts. Glancing at his friend's clock he noted that he still had a couple of hours before Hyukjae was back from his recordings. He looked down at the shorts and made up his mind. Walking to the door he flipped the lock. Moving quickly he slid his jeans off his legs and tossed them to the bed. He then slipped on the blue shorts.
There were a little small and hugged his ass a bit, and the whole was a little too close to his crotch for him to be completely happy. But they were also very comfortable. The silky like feeling felt good to his hips and thighs and Donghae could tell right away why Hyukjae had them hidden for so long. Donghae was already planning on stealing them tonight. Grinning he threw himself on Hyukjae's bed. The feel of the shorts was even better with the comfort of his friend's bed. Donghae began to wiggle himself all over the bed.
He was too distracted with the feel of the shorts that he didn’t hear the door slowly get unlocked and open. But he did hear the annoyed voice of Hyukjae as said dancer opened the door. He had just enough time the flip himself to the head of the bed and wrap himself in Hyukjae's blanket when the man entered the room.
"Why the hell is my door locked?" Hyukjae asked himself as he dropped his stuff at the door. Turning he stared at Donghae who had a sheepish look on his face. "Donghae, why are you in my room? And why did you lock the door?"
"Oh hey Hyukkie. Welcome home, you are back early." Donghae said with a weak laugh.
"Donghae." Hyukjae was getting annoyed now. "Why are you avoiding the question? And why are you in my bed?"
"Oh well I got bored so I came in here to wait for you. And I, um, took a nap. But I didn’t want the others to bother me so I locked the door." Donghae partially lied.
"Ugh I am too tired for this. Donghae go back to your room, I will hang out with you tomorrow." Hyukjae said as he made his way further in the room. "Now get out of my bed."
"Excuse me? Why not?" Hyukjae growled as he grabbed the blanket. Donghae grabbed the blanket as well and held it close. "Donghae!"
"No wait Hyukkie!" Donghae was frantic in stopping his friend.
"What are you hiding?" Hyukjae was suspicious now. "Donghae give me the blanket."
"Damn it Hae! It is too late for this!" Hyukjae growled. "Give me the blanket."
Hyukjae didn’t and instead jumped on his friend. The pair of them wrestled for a few minutes before Hyukjae finally took the blanket. He had a pleased look on his face as he threw the blanket to the floor and turned back to Donghae to see what the other was hiding. His grin quickly dropped in shock.
"Donghae! Where did you get those shorts?" He cried out.
"Were you going through my closet again? Damn it Donghae!" Hyukjae was getting angry.
"Don’t be mad! I was just waiting for you like I said. And I got bored. And I just happened to find them is all."
"And you decided to just steal them from me as well? I have half a mind to really get angry at you."
"I'm sorry?" Donghae asked as he shifted a bit.
Hyukjae was about to yell again when there was a pounding at his door. The pair turned as Heechul poked his head in. "Yah you two brats, it's late. Whatever kinky sex foreplay you two like is your own damn business. Just keep it down! I need my sleep!" He yelled before slamming the door shut.
Hyukjae was surprised to see that with all the rough housing the pair did it caused the shorts to shift a bit and reveal more of Donghae's crotch area. His eyes seemed to zone in on that area which caused Donghae to blush. Hyukjae surprised look turned into a smirk. Getting off the bed he made his way over to the door. Keeping his eyes on a confused Donghae he flipped the lock a second time for the evening. Stalking towards a flushed Donghae he grinned.
"Well since the foreplay is done." He began with a cackle. "Let's get those shorts back to me, and off of you."
Donghae could only gulp at the look. And then Hyukjae turned off the lights and the rest was for imagination.



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A river that splutters along may be one that is brimming with hope.
I cross the bridge that spanned over it.
When I was a child riding my bike around town, I believed that the further I went, the more grown-up I become.
I've grown-up. I've turned into an adult.
I've walked so far, but I still haven't gone anywhere.
I want to remember that.
I want to remember how I crossed that bridge that day and how I got here.
When you remember what you'd forgotten, I expect I'll be your guidepost.
~Boy Who Crossed The Bridge

Self-respect inside your faltering heart.
Your self-respect is just wearing clothes known as pride, hiding its true colors.
Someday you'll take off that uncomfortable coat.
Water in your heart will start overflowing like it has broken through a dam.
No matter how dirty the water may have been, as it flows on, it will become clear, beautiful water.
It will probably become a great river that can take on the overflowing emotions of young people.
~Boy Who Crossed The River
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