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Before The Bridge

Prompt: Weather

Title/Prompt: Weather
Author: Rosetta Stone
Pairing: Band Fic
Rating: G
Summary: The rain has been going for on for weeks. And the boys were starting to go stir crazy. So was the new managers that were assigned to them as well.
The weather outside was absolutely dreadful. Seoul was experiencing one of its worst rainy season in history and the sky hasn’t cleared up for almost two weeks now. No one was sure how much rain had fallen but it was starting to affect the roads to a points where the police were forced to close them, and businesses in the area, off. And one of those roads led to the SM building. So in a rare case the company had to close down for a couple of days and give their artists a few days off until the rain, hopefully, stopped enough for them to get back in. The artist were thrilled for the unscheduled vacation and the ability to get some much needed rest. But they kind of wished they could actually leave their dorms.
After all fifteen young men forced to stay enclosed in a small area was not good for anyone's health. Especially new managers that were stuck dealing with them today. There was a rule in SM, in order to be a manager for anyone they first had to pass being a manager to Super Junior. Survive them and you can survive anything. Of course when the new batch of managers had been hired was right around the time the weather decided to become nasty. At first the group thought it would be an easy task, since no one has any schedules to deal with there was nothing that could go wrong.
How mistaken they were. How very mistaken they were.
The morning had started calmly enough, all of the members had come down for breakfast without any fuss. They even ate their food in a quiet manner. But then they all started to notice that it was still raining, and they were still going to be forced to stay inside. It was Donghae who decided they needed to spice the morning up and threw the rest of his rice towards Shindong. The larger man had a grin on his face as he retaliated with his morning sausage. This then led to a full out war at the kitchen table as all fifteen men took sides and turned the kitchen into a battle field. The three managers who were there look on in horror as different foods flew back and forth causing one of the largest messes they have ever seen. Turning to Leeteuk they shot him an imploring look in hopes the leader would put an end to their shenanigans. But he was too busy flinging spoon fulls of jelly at Heechul to notice. They then turned to Junghoon to see if the bands consistent manager would help them. But he merely shot them a grin and held his hand out reminding them it was their problem to deal with.
"All right everyone, I think we can be done with this food fight." One of them finally, and perhaps, bravely said in hope to gain control of the situations.
The band did pause in their antics and looked at him in surprise. He seemed to think he was getting through to them and clapped his hands. Heechul turned to Donghae with a raised eyebrow.
"Hae-ah, do you have any schedules today that would require us to finish this battle?"
"No hyung."
"What about you Sungmin?"
"Nothing for me today. It's still raining."
Heechul turned to the rest of the band whom had paused in their game.
"Does anyone have any schedule today?" He asked with a smirk on his face as he already knew the answer. The rest of the group dutifully shook their heads. He turned back to the manager who dared end their fun. "Seeing as no one here has anywhere they need to go I don't see any reason for us to stop." And with that he picked up a handful of eggs and tossed them at Kangin.
The bigger man seemed to anticipate this because he ducked at the right moment and the eggs instead hit the manager who was trying to stop them. There was a moment of silence before Heechul shrugged his shoulders is boredom. Everyone waited for a minute to see what anyone would do. But it seemed the manager was too surprised to react, so Heechul did.
"This is no longer fun. I'm going back to my room." He declared before walking out of the room.
"Wait! You need to help clean this up!" The managers called out.
"Good luck with that." Leeteuk muttered as he and the others quickly cleaned their mess up.
The managers who were just standing there could only stare blankly as the band had transformed the kitchen back to its original state. They were told by Junghoon that as mischievous as they were they would never do anything that would make it difficult for the ajummas that comes in daily to clean. So they picked up after themselves for the most part. Of course, this was only the case for the ajummas, anyone else didn’t get the same treatment. Junghoon seemed to take pity on the managers, one seemed ready to pull his hair out, and turned to Leeteuk.
"All right, I think you have harassed them enough for a morning. Why not have everyone get ready for the day and I will see if I can come up with something to keep us entertained." He suggested.
"Okay hyung." Leeteuk replied while the others nodded their head in agreement. And just like that the band left the kitchen and went back to their rooms. The other managers stared at him in surprise.
"How are you able to do that? I feel like its pulling teeth to deal with this band." One said with wide eyes.
"You must have a secret power to get them to listen to you." Another said in agreement.
Junghoon laughed at them. He wanted to say that it was because they respected him and so did both argue with him when he told them to do things. But in reality it was simply because when they tortured him past the point of no return the prank he pulled on them was so big, it quickly humbled them. But let them think it was the respect thing. That would be fine for now. So he just shrugged his shoulders casually.
It took the band only two hours to shower and dress. Some of them like Eunhyuk and Donghae decided to save water and showered together. And others like Heechul and Hangeng wasted water by showering together. But eventually all of them were clean and sitting in the main room together. Junghoon and Leeteuk were in the kitchen together getting something ready so it was up to the three training managers to keep an eye on the mischievous band. Although some felt like it was more babysitting than managing an idol band. Eunhyuk and Donghae decided to start a pillow fight and the others were quick to join in. The three managers watched with terrified looks as the room began to get covered in feathers. One of the managers looked ready to finally throw in the towel and quit SM to work for JYP.
When one finally looked ready to scream Leeteuk and Junghoon had finally returned to the room. The leader took one look around the room and shot his band a stern look. Like children getting scolded by their mother the dropped their pillowed weapons and sheepishly shot him a guilty look. He merely nodded to the couch and chairs and the band obediently took their seats. When they were all seated they noticed that both the manager and leader had a large tray that was covered with steaming mugs of something. Both men then went around the room and handed each person a mug which turned out to be tea. Even the managers were handed some mugs. Once everyone had a glass the two put the trays on the table and took their seats as well. It was Leeteuk who spoke first.
"It has been a long week for us. Mother Nature is certainly mad at us for something and is bringing a lot of rain. And because of it we have been stuck inside this dorm building with nothing to do. We have handled it the best we could and I know some of us are starting to go stir crazy. But the rain has to stop soon. But until then we just need to hold out for a little longer. Why not enjoy the peace while we still have it. Heavens knows once it stops our schedules are going to explode with all the things we need to do to get caught up."
The rest of the band all smiled at this. They all took sips of their tea and enjoyed the sounds of the rain as it hit the window. Donghae rested his head on Eunhyuk shoulder and Heechul cuddled closer to Hangeng. Kyuhyun grabbed a blanket and draped it around him and Sungmin and Yesung tugged Ryeowook closer to him. The three managers for the first time of the day also looked relaxed. They were thinking that if this is what Super Junior was always like, then they could easily handle them.
"Hyung, after this can we go play in the rain?" Donghae asked in excitement.
The rest of the band quickly liked this idea and were all nodding their head in agreement to it. Leeteuk had a look on his face like he was contemplating it. Glancing at the three managers he saw the terrified looks on their faces and grinned.
"Okay, sounds like fun. Everyone get dressed!"
The band went scattering out of the room as they quickly got dressed to go outside. Leeteuk left at a more leisurely pace to grab his own rain gear leaving Junghoon with the training managers. The man looked at the trio and had to bite his inside of the cheek to not laugh. Instead he stood up and patted the closest on the shoulder.
"Welcome to SM gentlemen. Now get dressed, we have a band that wants to play in the rain." He said as he also left the room.
The man who was patted dropped his face into his hands in despair.
"I hate rainy weather." He groaned loudly.



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Thoughts While Standing on the Bridge

A river that splutters along may be one that is brimming with hope.
I cross the bridge that spanned over it.
When I was a child riding my bike around town, I believed that the further I went, the more grown-up I become.
I've grown-up. I've turned into an adult.
I've walked so far, but I still haven't gone anywhere.
I want to remember that.
I want to remember how I crossed that bridge that day and how I got here.
When you remember what you'd forgotten, I expect I'll be your guidepost.
~Boy Who Crossed The Bridge

Self-respect inside your faltering heart.
Your self-respect is just wearing clothes known as pride, hiding its true colors.
Someday you'll take off that uncomfortable coat.
Water in your heart will start overflowing like it has broken through a dam.
No matter how dirty the water may have been, as it flows on, it will become clear, beautiful water.
It will probably become a great river that can take on the overflowing emotions of young people.
~Boy Who Crossed The River
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