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Before The Bridge | After The Bridge

Super Junior Gangs

Title: Super Junior Gangs
Author: littlerose2888
Pairing: KangTeuk, HanChul, YeWook, EunHae, KyuMin, others as story continues...
Rating: PG-13 to R
Summary: They were the most bitter gangs in all South Korea. T and M, and it was Detective Jongwoon's job to catch them. But with a new partner like Kibum and growing attachment to one of the gang members, will he be able to take down the two underground powerhouses?
AN: A new story, a little dark but give it time. Please comment
Ryeowook was beginning to have the feeling that he was in the middle of some romance comedy movie. It seemed like everyone around him was being affected by some weird love bug. Donghae was going around smiling and practically skipping while he walked. He wouldn’t say why but every so often he would just start humming or giggling and it was beginning to freak them all out. It was worse than the day after Yunho's party giddiness. And Han Geng was no better. The man would just randomly stop what he was doing and stare with this glazed look on his face at absolutely nothing. Sometimes a small perverted grin would slowly appear on his face when he did and Ryeowook would be quick to get out of his way. Henry also seemed rather happy about something. He knew that the younger man had a run in with WooHyuk but he seemed rather content about it all. Ryeowook had a feeling that it had to do with the extra amount of time that he was spending with Zhou Mi lately. At least his was explainable. The only normal ones were himself, Kyuhyun and Siwon. Something he had pointed out to the computer hacker.
"That’s fine, it will be easier to take over if they stay distracted." He had cackled in return and Ryeowook decided that perhaps he wasn’t a part of the normal side of things.
These thoughts were in his mind as he stood in the kitchen making the gang some lunch. While he was happy that everyone seemed to be happy about something he was also a little jealous. His phone has been silent lately as Yesung as not been making any contact with him. He was beginning to miss the detective and was wondering if everything was okay. But he was too nervous to be the first to reach out. Everything has been done by the other and he felt like he would cross some line if he sent him a message first. So he was left to worried thoughts and a quiet phone.
"Ryeowook-ah." Siwon called as he entered the kitchen. "How much longer for lunch?"
"Probably another ten or fifteen minutes." Ryeowook replied as he looked at the pot. "Sorry that its taking a while."
"That’s fine, I mainly came in so I could get away from Donghae. He is too happy, even for me."
"Yeah its quite the thing. I wonder what has happened that has put him in such a mood."
"Oh it's because he spent last week making out with Eunhyuk from T in a bus stop."
"What!" Ryeowook spun around to stare at him in shock. "How do you know this?"
"He told me, just now. That’s why I had to get away. Oh and apparently Leeteuk is okay with their little courtship."
This made him even more confused.
"What in the world has everyone been eating lately. This is not what I was expecting today."
"Tell me about it." Siwon looked rather put out and Ryeowook was reminded that he had also liked the T member from the party.
"Oh Siwon, are you okay? Didn’t you like him too?"
"I'm fine. I knew since the party that I had no chance. Those two just seem destine for one another." He smiled but it look strained. "I guess I am just jealous that Donghae has found someone like that. I am realizing we are not getting any younger here."
"Yeah…" He paused. "Do you know why Han Geng is so happy then?"
"No that is still a mystery. But he probably is just sleeping with someone."
Ryeowook shuddered. He didn’t need that mental image right now. It made him a little sad as well. That meant Han Geng had someone as well.
"I feel rather alone right now." He said with a laugh.
"Same…" Siwon shrugged his shoulders. "It helps though that Kyuhyun is pinning towards someone who will not return his feelings though. The little brat can be brought down a few pegs sometimes."
Ryeowook laughed. He had to agree. It would be the end of the world if Sungmin started returning affections to the other. He could tell that Kyuhyun was making no progress with the man and it was fun seeing him struggle on something for once.
"Well at least you and I are in the same boat." Siwon said with a grin.
Ryeowook was about to reply when his phone beeped with a new message. He picked it up and was surprised to see that it was from Yesung. Something must have shown on his face because Siwon suddenly sighed. Confused he looked at the man who was shaking his head.
"I take that back. Obviously you have someone as well."
"Oh no…it's not that. Just a friend." He lied as he slipped the phone back in his pocket.
"No its fine, I can tell. Well congrats on that. I will be back when lunch is ready okay."
"Oh Siwon." Ryeowook muttered as he watched the man leave the kitchen dejectedly. He felt bad but at the same time he was inching to read the message from the other. As soon as he was out of sight Ryeowook pulled out the phone and read the message.
'I miss you and I need to get out of here or else I might kill someone. Can we meet?'
Ryeowook bit his lip to hold the smile in. He was curious what got the detective so annoyed but couldn’t pass up the fact that he wanted to see him as well.
'I have to finish up lunch but I can meet you in an hour?'
'Perfect! I know a place where no one from your work would go. I'll send the address.'
He was curious of course what Jongwoon meant by that but decided it was probably a place that more law abiding people would go. He smiled as he finished up the lunch. He put everything out on plates and called for everyone to come down. He waited until they all grabbed food before he left the kitchen and got ready. A sort of giddy feeling was entering him as he changed into something different and realized he was beginning to act like the others. Perhaps the only normal one in the gang was Siwon after all. That made him chuckle and he found he couldn’t be bothered by it. He was soon out the door and heading towards the address that Jongwoon had sent him.
He was right, it was a small family own restaurant. Everyone inside the place were happy couples and small families and Ryeowook felt a little out of place. He scanned the room and saw Jongwoon sitting at a booth in the back with his head down. Ryeowook felt a smile cross his lips as he approached the man. When he was close the other had looked up suddenly and their eyes met. The smile that appeared on his face made realize that he was defiantly in the same boat as Donghae and Han Geng and he didn’t know if that made him happy or concern. But as he took his seat across from the other he realized also, he didn’t really want to care.
"Hey." Jongwoon greeted.
"Hello." He replied with a smile.
"Thanks for coming out. I just had to get out for a bit."
"You sounded rather tense, I just had to. It would be rather ironic if a detective was arrested for murder." He teased. "Do I want to know who was annoying you so?"
"It was a mix of Kibum and this case I am working on actually." He replied. He glanced around before lowering his voice. "There was a murder recently and a person is now missing."
"It wasn’t us." Ryeowook defended automatically.
Jongwoon blinked in surprise before a smile appeared on his face.
"We know that. I wouldn’t have told you if you were being suspected. No, we think it's someone else. We are more worried about the girl who is now missing."
Ryeowook was rather confused with the vagueness of this conversation. He knew the pair tended to keep their 'work' out of their meetings but it was obvious that this was really bothering the detective. He reached over and placed a hand on his.
"Hey, I know this is a break from tradition. But if I can help…."
Jongwoon looked up at him with a guarded look and Ryeowook couldn’t blame him. They were all things considered on opposite sides of the law. Any he knew the risk of working with the police. If this ever got back to Donghae he was dead. But he was still compelled to help the detective across from him. There was something inside him that was aching to do so.
"His name was Kang Do." Jongwoon whispered. Ryeowook blinked in surprise but did not interrupt him. "He was murdered in his home and his daughter seemed to have been kidnapped. We found her purse at the scene but no sign of her."
"You don’t think she killed him and ran?"
"No, he was killed by EXO."
Ryeowook took in a sharp breath at the name of the gang. Apparently the police were also trying to take them down. He made note of this. He just nodded instead.
"There are some things that are still not adding up but that is the gist of it. It hasn’t made the news yet though so we are trying to keep it on the down low. The man was not someone who seemed to be involved with gangs so there is the question why he was killed."
"Who was the girl?"
"Her name is Sora. I just hope she is okay. I am getting this feeling in my gut that things are about to spiral out of control soon and that we may not be able to keep it together."
Ryeowook rubbed the hand under his and Jongwoon looked up with a small smile. Ryeowook returned it. They had to break apart when a waitress came up. The pair order a small meal and she was quickly gone. They turned to one another again and he spoke.
"Well since we are being rather honest today I have a confession. I was actually thinking about you earlier. Before you texted me."
"Really?" He looked rather pleased by this.
"I have been wanting to talk to you for a while now. But every time I thought to do so I couldn’t find the best way to go about it." He chuckled at this. "I sound rather pathetic admitting this."
Ryeowook smiled.
"It's okay. I thought that if I reached out first I would be crossing some invisible line we have between us."
That made Jongwoon laugh. It seem to be what was needed to break them into conversation. The thought of murder and gangs were forgotten as the pair enjoyed a lunch together. Ryeowook was reminded how well the two did work together as the man across from was able to pull a lot of smiles and laughs out of him. It was obvious there was a connection between them. He felt bad that they were on different sides of things. He felt like they could work together. Maybe in another life, he thought wistfully. After this they would go back to being enemies, in a sense, but for now they were two people who had feelings towards one another having a pleasant lunch.
All too soon it was over and Jongwoon was throwing some money down on the table. The pair got to their feet and made their way out. Once they were outside in the sun Ryeowook found himself squinting in the bright light. Jongwoon stood next to him with a smile on his face.
"Well that was actually really fun. I feel like I can go back to work without any murderous thoughts in my head."
Ryeowook laughed.
"Well I am glad for that. I think it would be hard to see you if you were in prison. Unless I ended up being cellmates with you or something."
Ryeowook laughed again. Jongwoon was still smiling but there was a soft look in his eyes.
"I'm sorry." He said randomly.
When Ryeowook turned to ask him why he was stopped by a pair of lips gently touching his own. The feeling sent a shockwave through his body and took a step back in surprise. Jongwoon seemed rather embarrassed and looked down at his feet.
"Sorry. I know I cross a line, but I have been wanting to do that the whole time you were here. I just…sorry. You can just forget about it if you want."
Ryeowook stared at him surprise as his fingers touched his lips. He could still feel the tingle where Jongwoon's lips had touch and it made his whole body buzz. The man across from his was right. This was a line that once cross can never be undone. But as he stared at the man he realized that the line had been crossed a long time ago. His feelings were undeniable. Jongwoon had just taken the step they both wanted first. So with a hesitant hand he reached out and touched the detective on the cheek. When Jongwoon looked up, a little fear and a little hope in his eyes, Ryeowook leaned forward and returned the short and sweet kiss. When he pulled back both men had blushes on their faces but Jongwoon looked rather happy. Of course he had to ask the unspoken question.
"What now?"
"No idea. But I know I don’t want this to end."
Jongwoon took his hand and held it.
"This is nuts. This is the craziest thing we are doing. I could lose my job and you could end up dead if this ever gets out. Ryeowook I don’t want to be the reason for your death."
"We will make this work. We will. I don’t know how yet but we will. Do you trust me?"
They were silent at the loaded question. But Jongwoon nodded.
"Do you?" He asked back.
"Yes. So we will figure it out. For now let's just. I don’t know. Let's just keep our guard up."
Jongwoon nodded again. He leaned over and kissed him again before he turn and left. Ryeowook watched him go before he also left and went home. His feet felt weird underneath him and he felt like his heads were in the clouds. His lips still tingled from the three kisses they had and he knew there was probably a stupid grin on his face. He knew things were going to get harder for them but that as long as their feelings rang true. Those were all he could do as he entered into the home where his gang resided. When he came in he was surprised to see Henry waiting for him.
"Is something the matter?"
"Yeah, EXO is going on the offensive. Donghae wants all of us to meet."
Ryeowook nodded as he followed the other into the room where everyone was waiting. Donghae looked rather serious about something, a major 180 from earlier today. Whatever he had to tell them was pretty big. Ryeowook took a seat next to Henry and Siwon and they all waited for Donghae to speak.
"I just got a message from Eunhyuk. He says EXO killed someone that is connected to Leeteuk and the man just had his daughter sent out of the country to protect her. The man had turned to Yunho and BoA for help."
Ryeowook realized it was Kang Do and Sora and was tempted to tell Jongwoon that the girl was safe. He might send a message later to him about it. Donghae continued.
"I know that doesn't mean anything to us but he also told me that two more members of H.O.T are here. Moon, which I knew, and Tony. Taking them with Woohyuk and Jaewon it is no stretch that Kangta is probably here too. If EXO is starting to act out, and H.O.T are here than its obvious that we are getting to the time where this little battle of ours is going to explode soon. We are running out of time. So we have a lot of work to do. Kyuhyun, we need to know all the members of EXO and now."
"I'll have it one in two days tops."
"Good. I don’t know why Kris is suddenly making more daring moves but I have a feeling it has to do with who is all here. You need to keep on your toes. If you have anyone close to you that is not in the gangs I suggest you get them out of here." Donghae looked down at his hands. "Not too long ago there was a similar gang war and the nearly tore this city apart. I believe this one will be the same."
Everyone looked at one another nervously. Time was something they really needed right now and had none of. Ryeowook felt like the world was going to majorly shift from underneath them. And just after he and Jongwoon made some progress in their relationship too. He was tempted to sigh, why can't things ever be easy for him for once.



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A river that splutters along may be one that is brimming with hope.
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