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Before The Bridge | After The Bridge

Super Junior Gangs

Title: Super Junior Gangs
Author: littlerose2888
Pairing: KangTeuk, HanChul, YeWook, EunHae, KyuMin, others as story continues...
Rating: PG-13 to R
Summary: They were the most bitter gangs in all South Korea. T and M, and it was Detective Jongwoon's job to catch them. But with a new partner like Kibum and growing attachment to one of the gang members, will he be able to take down the two underground powerhouses?
AN: A new story, a little dark but give it time. Please comment
Shindong was understandably worried. After Leeteuk had dropped off Sora at the airport he had come back to the home and went straight to Shindong. There was a pensive look on his face as he turned to the man and what he said made his blood run cold.
"Shindong, if Kris knew about Sora then he must know about Nari. You need to get her out of Seoul if you want her to stay safe from everything."
And Shindong didn’t even let him finish as he grabbed his gun and went running out of the room. How stupid could he be? Of course Nari could be in danger as well. Why hadn't he thought to check on her as soon as he realized why Sora was at their home. He knew that since yesterday she was still alive as the couple always talk to one another unless he was working on something. But that didn’t mean she was okay now. He swore loudly at the thought of her being in any danger. He sped the car through the streets and towards the little store which she owned with her family. They would be slowing down from their usual rush so he had plenty of time to get her and her family out of there before hopefully any one from EXO showed up. When he pulled up to the store he released a breath of relief. The place was still standing and it looked like everything was okay. Grabbing his gun he jumped out of the car and went inside. There was a familiar jiggle of the bell as he walked in and standing at the counter was a pretty girl. When she looked up Shindong felt a smile appear on his lips. Every time he saw her he was always amazed at how pretty she was.
He had met Nari a few years ago when he happened upon this bakery by chance. He was just finishing some work for Leeteuk nearby and decided he wanted to buy some bread to eat at home. When he had walked in the first thing he saw was her and he felt like all other thoughts left his brain. She was the cutest thing he had ever seen, dressed in a simple outfit and a white apron. Her hair was pulled back into a messy pony tail and there were spots of flower on her cheek and nose from the bread she was currently making. He felt like his tongue was lead in his mouth when she had looked up and smiled at him. No words seemed to want to work as all he could do was point to the bread he wanted and mutely pay for it. She was so kind and helpful that he felt bad that she probably thought he was actually mute.
He had to go to the place another five times before he could get words out of his mouth. She was, obviously, surprised that he could speak and the pair seemed to hit it off ever sense. She was one of those people who was just naturally sweet and always made things better with just her mere presence. It didn’t take long for the two to start dating and she was patiently waiting for him to finish paying off his debt before the pair could get married. And everything was just perfect for them right now. Expect the obvious threat that was there.
"Donghee!" She called to him sweetly. "What a surprise."
"Nari." He quickly approached the counter. She noticed right away his fear and her face turned concern. "Where are your parents?"
"Not here today. They werent feeling well so they stayed home. What's the matter Donghee? You look like you saw a ghost."
"Nari we need to get out of here."
He went to answer where there was the jiggle of the bell again. He turned his head and couldn’t help the fear that appeared on his face when the two men entered. He had no idea who they were but from the obvious clothes they wore it was apparent who they were with.
"Finally you made your appearance here." One of them said in a bored voice. "We were making bets how long it took you to show up. Another couple of days and we were just going to kill her just because."
"Kill me?" Nari whispered in fear.
"Who the fuck are you two." Shindong growled as he turned to act like a shield for her.
"Oh yes, where are my manners." The man spoke with a smirk. "My name is Chen and this is Chanyeol. Not that it will mean anything since we are going to kill you now."
The two men raised their guns and Shindong had just enough time to leap across the counter and drag Nari to the ground before bullets tore into the air. Nari screamed from underneath him as the glass holding all of her baked items were shattered by the guns. He used his body to shield her from the attack as he reached into his jacket to grab his own gun. Shifting his body just so he open fire on the pair who had taking shelter with some tables. He turned back to Nari and then towards the door leading to the back area.
"Listen, you need to get out of here. Stay low to the ground and make your way through the back. I will provide you some cover but you need to be fast."
"Donghee." She whimpered in fear. "I know you are scared right now but I need you to do what I say. Those two are here to kill us and we need to move fast so it doesn’t happen. Nari, trust me, and get out of here."
"Okay." She replied as she gathered her strength.
He had counted to her up to three before moving his body so he could fire better at the two and giving her the opportunity to crawl out of the room and towards the back. He had emptied one whole clip of his gun before he turned and followed suite. He was just about to get out of the room when a searching pain suddenly hit his leg. He bit his lip to hold in the scream and scurried out of the room. Once he was out of the gun fire he painfully got to his feet and looked to see where Nari was. The woman looked ready to cry as she approached him.
"Donghee you are shot." She cried as she saw the blood on his leg.
"Don’t worry about that right now. We need to keep moving. Where is the back entrance?"
She led his through the back of the bakery and soon the pair were in the back alleyway. She had turned to go out of it but he stopped her.
"No, they will expect that. We go up."
"Up?" She echoed.
He pointed to the side of the next building where a fire exit stairs was against the wall. She took the hint and started to climb up the steps. He quickly followed. The two were able to get to the top of the building in good time when the smell of smoke reached them. Shindong turned and saw that the bakery was now on fire. Nari held a hand to her mouth as a sob escaped her lips. He brought her to his arms as she cried at the destruction of her work place. He felt terrible. The bakery was her pride and joy and those two were burning it to the ground. But he had to keep her moving. It wouldn’t be long until the pair realized where they were and come after them. He began to drag her away from the flames.
"Nari we need to keep moving." He told her urgently.
It was hard getting her to follow but finally she tore her eyes away from the burning bakery and followed him across the roof. They went all the way towards the end before coming across another ladder heading down. Shindong told her to wait and he went down first. Making sure they were safe he called up to her to follow. Once she was safely on the ground next to him he grabbed her hand and made a rush towards his home. The pain in his leg was fierce but the desire to protect her gave him enough adrenalin to keep moving. It took him much longer to get there as they had to take a lot of back ways so not to be seen but soon the familiar sight of home was there and he could feel his fear starting to disappear. She was safe here. That much he knew. They walked inside and he was not surprise to see both Eunhyuk and Sungmin waiting for him.
"Shindong!" They both cried when they saw their sweaty bodies and the blood on his leg. "Are you okay?"
"I'm fine. It's just a bullet in the leg."
"That is not fine." Sungmin argued as he led him towards the medic room.
Shindong said nothing as he followed his partner down the hallway. Next to him Nari was shaking in obvious fear but he was proud how well she was holding it together. He was going to be rushed into surgery so he turned towards her with a confident smile.
"Everything is going to be okay now. Stay with Sungmin and I will be out soon."
"I love you." He told her and kissed her lightly on the lips.
"I love you too." She replied as he was carted away. The last thing he saw was her pale face before the doors closed and he went into surgery.
He was in surgery for a good hour and a half before the bullet was finally removed from his leg. He was lying in the bed trying to get comfortable when Nari was allowed to enter. As soon as his girlfriend saw him she rushed the bed and threw herself at him. He held her tightly as sobs racked through her body and the fear and pain of everything that had happened was finally released. He gently soothed her as she cried into his chest. He never wanted any of this to happen to her, especially her. He had hoped they would have taken out EXO before something like this happened. She was babbling something and he had a hard time hearing her but made no effort to stop her tears. This was something traumatic for someone who has never been involved with their world and he knew her feelings were justified. When she started to calm down he spoke.
"Nari I am so sorry this happened to you. I swear I will make those two pay for what they did today."
"No don’t say that. The bakery can be rebuilt. It's just a building. I was more worried about losing you more than anything. Donghee, you could have died."
"I know. I am sorry I worried you." He whispered to her. "But I am alive, I am okay. The bullet didn’t hit anything important and I will only need to be off my feet for a little while. Don’t worry. But the important question is you."
"Yes. Is there anywhere you can go that is outside of the city. Like far from the city?"
"I have some cousins down in Busan I could stay with."
"Good, you need to go there right away."
"You want me to leave you!" She cried as she pulled back. She looked ready to argue with him on this.
"Nari, listen to me. You are not safe here. Those two men that attacked us today. They were targeting you. To get to me. They know how important you are to me and they were waiting for me to show up so they could hurt you. I need to keep you safe and the only way to do that is for you to leave the city."
"Its best you listen to your boyfriend." A new voice told them.
They both turned to see Leeteuk in the doorway. The man was devoid of any smile on his face as he stared with a stern look on his face. Shindong wanted to get to his feet but a wave of the man's hand stopped him.
"Shindong I am glad to see you are okay." He said with a nod.
"It was just a single bullet and luckily it didn’t hit anything major."
"That's always encouraging to hear." He turned to Nari. "And you must be Nari. Shindong has told me so much about you. I am Leeteuk."
"You are the gang leader right?" She asked softly.
"Yes. I am really sorry you have gotten involved with this whole mess. But Shindong is right. The best thing for you to do is get far out of this city. Things will only get worse now."
"But Donghee."
"Will be fine. I would love to send him with you so you can both be safe but I unfortunately need him. Nari, those men that attacked you. They also went after someone important to me as well. There is going to be a war and we don’t have a lot of time before it hits the street. Shindong help me out if he has to worry about your safety the whole time as well."
"I understand." She whispered before turning back to Shindong.
"I will be fine. Once this whole mess is over I will retire from this gang and come to you in Busan. I think this will be enough to pay of my debts with them." He looked at Leeteuk expectedly.
"Of course." The man replied. "This will be his last job."
"Okay." She relented softly.
"Good girl. Contact your cousin and tell them you are coming for a visit. Don’t tell her why just yet. You will leave in the morning."
"SO soon?"
"The sooner the better. Nari, you need to stay strong."
She nodded again to him and he smiled. He pulled her to him and kissed her on the lips.
"Just think, after all of this you and I will finally get married and we can put this whole thing behind us." He whispered to her.
"That would be wonderful." She replied.
"Nari, I have a room set aside you can use for the night. Sungmin will show you to it." Leeteuk said as he pointed to the man waiting. "You have nothing to worry about while you are here. We will keep you safe."
"Okay." She pulled away from Shindong and followed Sungmin out of the room. Once the pair were gone Leeteuk turned to him expectedly.
"It was EXO, two members I remember seeing at the party but didn’t know the names of. They were Chen and Chanyoel. It was very quick. I went in and they followed after. Leeteuk they were waiting for me. They knew exactly who she was. As soon as they saw me they acted. This wasn’t an attack towards Nari, they were after me."
"I see. Than its apparent that we are out of time. Kris has made his move. The bakery is burnt to the ground. The fire took out a couple of places nearby as well. The place is crawling with cops."
"Her parents!"
"May be dead already to be honest. Shindong you are in no position to go and check and neither is she. The best thing to do is to get her out of here. Keep the casualties to a minimum."
Shindong could only stare at the ceiling in disbelief. His girlfriend, his sweet and innocent girlfriend could have possibly lost both her work and family in the same day. And it was all his fault for getting involved with her. If he had never walked into that café all that time ago then…
"Don’t think like that." Leeteuk said.
"What?" He asked in surprise.
"You are thinking that this is all your fault right? It's all over your face. Don’t think like that. This is not your fault its EXO. They are the ones who are declaring war and going after the ones who are not involved. It could be any of us. Right now the best thing to do is to get ready to go on the attack and take out Kris as soon as possible. Make sure this doesn’t happen to anyone else."
"You are right. Kris will pay for this."
Shindong glared down at his hands in anger. Leeteuk said nothing else as he left the room. Shindong barely noticed him leaving too involved with his thoughts. He was not known to be a violent person, but the hatred he felt towards EXO was so fierce that he felt like he could rip them a part with his bare hands. He will get his revenge. For Nari, her parents, and everyone else. They will go down, even if it's the last thing he ever does. This he swears.



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A river that splutters along may be one that is brimming with hope.
I cross the bridge that spanned over it.
When I was a child riding my bike around town, I believed that the further I went, the more grown-up I become.
I've grown-up. I've turned into an adult.
I've walked so far, but I still haven't gone anywhere.
I want to remember that.
I want to remember how I crossed that bridge that day and how I got here.
When you remember what you'd forgotten, I expect I'll be your guidepost.
~Boy Who Crossed The Bridge

Self-respect inside your faltering heart.
Your self-respect is just wearing clothes known as pride, hiding its true colors.
Someday you'll take off that uncomfortable coat.
Water in your heart will start overflowing like it has broken through a dam.
No matter how dirty the water may have been, as it flows on, it will become clear, beautiful water.
It will probably become a great river that can take on the overflowing emotions of young people.
~Boy Who Crossed The River
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